Maritime cyber priority published by DNV

Maritime cybersecurity necessitates increased investment, enhanced regulation, and the exchange of incident experiences, as indicated by a recent report from DNV.

Dive into the insights shared from the “Maritime Cyber Priority 2023” report. Here are just a few key takeaways:

●Alarmingly, just 19% believe they are well-prepared to respond to and recover from a cyber-attack while at sea. This lack of preparedness could leave crew members stranded in remote waters without access to nearby port facilities for assistance

●Only 40% of maritime professionals feel that their organizations have adequately invested in their OT cyber defenses. This may be due to the newness of OT cyber security, which requires time to develop

●Maritime organizations should transition from a compliance-centric mindset to viewing  regulations as a foundation for a robust security posture

Read the full report here:


Maritime cyber priority report by DNV
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