Cydome Evertrust

Secure Third Party vendors access to critical maritime OT & IT assets facilitated by Inmarsats Segregated and Dedicated Bandwidth

Cydome Vendor Access Control Manager offers full control over third-party entities connecting to maritime systems. Designed to allow connectivity of vendors while maintaining full control over the connection, and while keeping segregation from the rest of the systems.


With the advantages of technology and maritime remote connectivity - solutions are becoming more connected - bringing benefits that once were not possible. The advancement and new technologies introduced to the vessel network increase cybersecurity risks and cause third-party organizations to be able to connect to the ship. Today, shipowners need to give almost unlimited access to the system vessels to third-party vendors who need to access a specific system. This increases the risk of cybersecurity threats and allows a malicious actor access to all ship systems - without the ship owner control over what is being done, by whom, when, and how the network is being used.


Cydome Remote Access Management is specialized in securing access for external vendors that need to access critical systems onboard ships. The solution creates a secure infrastructure for third parties organizations to securely and effectively connect to a specific system. This is done while ensuring full control over the connection in terms of security, time, place and ensuring that it is open only when needed. Cydome Remote Access Management mitigates risks by helping maritime companies efficiently manage account access rights, monitor and control account activity.

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Complete visibility over each third party remote connectivity

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Provides security OT layer covering the protection of critical infrastructure against cyber threats.

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Allows full control on each OT asset and the management of all such required access to be centrally managed.


Cydome solution utilizes Inmarsats dedicated and segregated bandwidth to deploy virtual infrastructure from a third party to specific system and lets administrators full contorl over the connection allowing them to create and destroy third party acces on demand.

Complete segregation

Physical and logical segregation from all internal assets and networks.

Logging and Monitoring

Asset-Based & Time-Based Access

Standardized System

Physical and logical segregation from Deployment is fast, and access is painless.

Cydome Remote Access Management supports:

Main Benefits:

Fleet wide Suite

The solution comprises a hardware appliance with software that connects to the vessel’s network. Once installed, the solution maps all of the vessel’s assets — such as its communication system, engine, and generator — seeking out vulnerabilities and patching them. 

 Our protection spectrum


Clear and easy view of OT & IT assets. Full coverage can only be gained by critical IT & OT monitoring

potential cyberattack​

Continuous monitoring and deep analysis of trillions of data points for cyber risk mitigation

Real Time

Built to safeguard your critical assets from maritime cyberpiracy. Real-time detection and alerting from any unauthorized access.

Cyber Security Fleet wide suite

Our compliance wizard

Automated Compliance

Automated mapping and vulnerabilities scanning based on NIST controls- Cost efficient assessment procedure

Ready for inspection

Real time display of cyber security status on board - easy demonstration for inspectors

Reports per regulatory requirement

Enhancing readiness to adhere to maritime cyber regulatory requirements under one platform.

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