IT Outsourcing Growth: Data Security and Privacy Concerns

Maritime Cyber Security Waves High: Can APAC IT Outsourcing Keep Afloat?

A new report released by Research and Markets forecasts IT outsourcing (ITO) market growth for Asia-Pacific markets (APAC) while showing a real concern regarding data security and privacy.

IT Outsourcing is growing

In the report, industry experts say that the ITO market in APAC will grow 5.80% by 2020. A key factor for this growth is cloud computing. While enterprises already use the cloud infrastructure, SMEs can now also enjoy cloud services.

The key vendors in this report are Accenture, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, and TCS.

DATA Security Concern

The report states that data security and privacy concerns will be a challenge for the market. Data security and privacy concerns always remain significant challenges in any organization. Companies face pressure to comply with regulations that mandate the safety of customers’ financial and medical data. This acts as a deterrent for companies looking to outsource their functions, especially if they are unsure of the laws of the country where the business transactions occur.


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