Gary Kessler explains what maritime executives need to know about AI and cybersecurity

“The maritime transportation system has some unique cybersecurity needs only because of the unique environment in which we operate, and our unique information and operational technology systems. AI will become part of the cyber products, procedures, and strategies that we employ, just as it is in other industries and for the same reasons. AI will be able to detect, predict, and test potential vulnerabilities and attack schema faster than any person. AI will be able to produce and, even, predict, exploits, as well as defense mechanism faster than humans. It will also be able to detect and predict errors, as reported by Global Positioning System (GPS) and Automatic Identification System (AIS), and estimate trajectories of other vessels in real time. And AI will learn about maritime systems at record speed, so the learning curve will be a steep one learning to both attack and defend the MTS…”

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Gary C. Kessler, Ph.D., CISSP is the co-author of the “Maritime Cybersecurity” book and is part of the advisory board of Cydome.

Gary Kessler on maritime cybersecurity and AI
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