Cydome wins prestigious Top InfoSec Innovators Award for 2023!

😎 We did it again! Cydome announced a winner of the prestigious Top InfoSec Innovator #Award 2023 for our cutting edge maritime cybersecurity!
This award recognizes companies that are making significant contributions to the field of information security, and we are honored to have been selected as a winner alongside some of the biggest companies in the infosec industry.

Why did we win this award? because Cydome’s solution:

  • Simplifies the work of the maritime CIO / IT manager / security manager by providing all the relevant cyber risk management information in one place, in real-time
  • Provides the entire cyber risk management envelope to secure existing and future shipping business: continuous asset discovery, continuous risk assessment, real-time cyber protection, maritime compliance and fleet-wide cyber risk management
  • Covers in one place all the IT and OT assets and communications for each vessel and for the entire fleet
  • Is built for maritime from the ground up – from machine learning algorithms trained specifically on maritime data to fully automated operation on vessels without IT personnel on board


🙏 Thank you Cyber Defense Magazine for recognizing Cydome’s contribution to securing the ⚓ maritime industry, to our customers for their ongoing support, and a special shout-out to the Cydome team for working so hard to create an industry-leading, award-winning product!


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