Cydome qualified as the first international Certification Body for Maritime Cyber Baseline

Cydome, the award-winning provider of ship-wide cybersecurity, is announcing today that it has become the first international Certification Body for Maritime Cyber Baseline. This is also supported by Cydome’s automated compliance solution, which makes it easier for maritime companies to quickly assess their entire fleet’s cyber-risk status.

This new standard has been developed by the IASME Consortium together with RINA, the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, to raise cybersecurity standards within the maritime sector.

The baseline offers shipping companies the certification required to assert their vessels uphold the maritime cybersecurity regulation standards. The baseline includes the audit of different types of vessels, such as commercial vessels, especially cargo, passenger ferries, and yachts. It also covers crewed and autonomous vessels.

Nir Ayalon, Cydome’s CEO, said: “We’re very proud to become the first international Certification Body for Maritime Cyber Baseline and to join the IASME consortium. This step is aligned with Cydome’s vision of providing maritime organizations with the ability to demonstrate their cyber resilience through a quick automated process, reducing the friction, hassle, cost, and time of manual audits. Getting a Maritime Cyber Baseline certification will give a strong message to the shipping companies, insurance companies, and management of the commitment to having a secure fleet and to mitigating cyber risks.”

Cydome, a leading cyber security company for the maritime industry, offers advanced cybersecurity capabilities designed to fend off maritime cybercrime on and offshore. Cydome Cybersecurity Solutions are deployed on multiple fleets and were validated by maritime organizations. Cydome is ISO certified for Cybersecurity, Cloud Security and is a certified Inmarsat application, among others.

With professionals from the maritime and cybersecurity industries, Cydome is the only company built on deep knowledge and experience of both cyber and maritime. The company has developed an “always on, always defending” technology that combines the easiest-to-use system with the highest available levels of defense. Communication, IT and OT are protected for all-round vessel safety against cyberattacks, which means that vessels using Cydome are protected against electronic attacks and hijacking, as well as owners’ and fleet managers’ reputational risks.

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