Cydome Security

Protecting IT and operational assets from cyber threat while assuring fleet readiness for regulatory inspections

Cydome’s cybersecurity solution provides ship owners and operators with a complete, real-time map of the assets connected to their network, and conducts automated cyber security checks, validating the ongoing compliance with maritime regulations.

The cybersecurity suite covers all assets including information and operational technology, and IoT, for both legacy and modern systems. It continuously monitors asset behaviour and identifies any irregularity, alerting on immediate risks that may harm daily routines.  It can be easily adjusted to conduct real-time fleet wide monitoring.

Protecting onboard assets from cyber threat,
preventing damages to your crew and fleet

The cybersecurity suite comprises of a hardware appliance with software that connects to Inmarsat’s Fleet Connect dedicated bandwidth. Once installed, the solution maps all the vessel’s assets, such as the communication system, engine and generator, seeking out vulnerabilities and patching them.

The solution automates compliance mapping and reporting, enhancing readiness to maritime cyber regulatory requirements, and reducing assessment costs, all in one platform.

Our protection spectrum:

  • Built to protect:
    Built to safeguard your critical assets from maritime cyber piracy, with real-time detection and alerting from any unauthorised access
  • Clear visibility:
    Clear and easy view of OT & IT assets; full coverage can only be gained by critical IT & OT monitoring
  • Pre-emptive to potential cyber attack:
    Continuous monitoring and deep analysis of trillions of data points for cyber risk mitigation


Mitigating maritime regulatory straits:

  • Real-time display of cyber security status onboard, with easy demonstration of NIST controls for inspectors
  • Automated mapping and vulnerabilities scanning based on NIST controls, a cost efficient assessment procedure.
  • Regulatory requirement reports, enhancing readiness to adhere to maritime cyber requirements


  1. Reduces cyber security risks with real-time visibility,  ensuring the safety of fleet and crew
  2. Improves IT & OT network visibility, a simple way to inventory the wide variety of devices & systems used
  3. Builds operational resiliency through deep visibility
  4. Enhances readiness to adhere to maritime cyber regulatory requirements
  • Fleet wide Security Operation Centre
  • Asset and network activity, viability and control
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Regulation compliance assistance
  • Security events alerting
  • No interference with operations with self-deployment
  • Improved security with real-time onboard protection
  • Easier monitoring of a fleet’s IT & OT assets on-the-fly
  • Advanced system protection against all new and emerging cyber threats
  • Compatible for offline or limited network operation
  • Cyber threat prevention
  • Onboard and fleet maritime regulation inspection
  • Continuous cyber security monitoring
  • Mapping and analysis of fleet wide/vessel assets


Cydome Security

Cydome Security was founded with the passion to create full spectrum protection for vessels, located in both Israel and Singapore. Our team consists of maritime and cyber security professionals, ex-naval officers, Big Data, Data Privacy and Cyber Security experts, who have joined forces to address the unique challenges of cyber security at sea.
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