ClassNK Endorses and Certifies Cydome’s Maritime Cybersecurity Solutions

ClassNK Endorses and Certifies Cydome’s Leading Maritime Cybersecurity Solutions for Vessels and Ports

The Innovation Endorsement certification by ClassNK classification society recognizes Cydome’s ability to deliver the protection needed by maritime vessels

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, January 30, 2024 / — TEL AVIV, Israel, January 30 2024—Cydome, the leading maritime cybersecurity company, has announced today that it has secured an additional third-party certificate, as it has been certified for maritime cybersecurity Innovation Endorsement by the Japan-based leading ship classification society, ClassNK. The certification follows thorough testing of Cydome’s maritime product “Cydome Everlight” witnessed by ClassNK, which verified all functionality and claims.

This latest endorsement follows the opening of Cydome’s new Tokyo, Japan location. Announced in December, the Tokyo operation allows Cydome to bring its award-winning, class endorsed and certified maritime cyber protection solutions to meet growing demands with vessels and ports in the region.

“The maritime industry is increasing its commitment to deploying innovative and proven cybersecurity solutions, which helps shipping companies to employ better defenses and mitigate potential threats, while simplifying their ongoing operations.” said Masaki Matsunaga, Corporate Officer / Director of Plan Approval and Technical Solution Division, ClassNK . “ClassNK is dedicated to ensuring that these solutions perform as expected and deliver the intended level of functionality. We hope this will improve maritime safety and support the transition of the industry to its digital future.”

“We are excited to receive the endorsement certification from the prestigious ClassNK. This latest recognition adds further credibility to Cydome’s maritime cybersecurity solutions and our ability to deliver the levels of protection needed on vessels and in ports,” said Nir Ayalon, Founder and CEO, Cydome. “Looking forward to the year ahead, we will continue to work closely with our customers to address their cybersecurity protection, risk management and compliance needs while continuing to advance our offerings to stay one step ahead of all future threats.”

About Cydome
Cydome provides the world’s most advanced maritime-specific cyber protection and risk management solution. Its class-endorsed, ISO-certified and award-winning products secure and simplify maritime cyber protection. With Cydome, maritime companies improve their cybersecurity posture with complete protection for IT, OT, and communications assets in real-time, simplify their cyber risk management with centralized fleet-wide control, and accelerate their maritime cyber compliance processes – all without the hassle of complex implementations and with “zero-touch” operation on board.

ClassNK certifies Cydome with Innovation Endorsement


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ClassNK certifies Cydome with Innovation Endorsement
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