Top Maritime University Partners with Cydome to Crackdown on Cybercrime

Constanta Maritime University, one of the leading universities in the world, and Cydome, the independent provider of the highest level of cybersecurity at sea, have created a ground-breaking partnership that will advance research into maritime cybercrime and the mitigation of cyberthreats. The collaboration will result in a joint hub for all maritime participants to contribute to the cyberthreats database, which will enhance research capabilities into the industry’s vulnerabilities.

Professor Gabriel Raicu, Vice Rector for Innovation and Research at Constanta Maritime University, said: “We engaged with Cydome in June 2021 to carry out joint research into maritime cyberthreats and vulnerabilities. Cydome was chosen for its leading technology and innovative approach to solving the problems of maritime cybersecurity. Its solution is built around the entire vessel with no compromise, including the equipment, computers, and devices (IT and OT) deployed onboard, the specific architecture, and the complexity of connectivity onboard. For us, Cydome is the perfect partner in our research endeavours to secure the sea.”

After reviewing several different cybersecurity providers, Cydome’s extensive expertise, not only in cybersecurity but specifically in maritime, was an important factor in Constanta Maritime University’s decision to work together. The partnership addresses an important gap in the market: the shared knowledge of cyberthreats in the maritime industry. At the moment, companies are shying away from sharing incidents, which means the industry cannot properly tackle either present or future vulnerabilities.

Avital Sincai, COO of Cydome, said: “We are very pleased to have partnered with one of the most prestigious maritime universities in the world. Together, we will create a shared hub of information on cybercrimes in the industry, which will facilitate ongoing research and innovation in the market. It’s the beginning of a community that cares about securing the sea, and we will be looking to add more partners along the way who wish to take part in this joint effort programme. We hope the partnership will unlock a new level of innovation and, therefore, protection for the maritime industry.”

Cydome’s significant commitment to R&D is unique in the maritime cybersecurity sector, with the company collaborating with professional bodies for enhanced research into cyberthreats. Providing award-winning cybersecurity and protection specifically designed for the complexities of the maritime industry, the company has developed an “always on – always defending” technology. Both IT and OT are protected for all-round vessel safety against cyberattacks, which means that vessels using Cydome are protected against electronic attacks and hijacking, as well as owners’ and fleet managers’ reputational risks. The system has integrated regulatory compliance, helping businesses prove compliance with regulations such as IMO 2021 and TMSA 3.

Maritime organizations are taking appropriate steps to identify, analyze, assess, and communicate maritime cyber security risks. Contact us to learn how Cydome can help you prevent such unknown vulnerabilities with real-time anomaly detection.

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