One Million daily Cyberattacks – Royal Caribbean Cruise


Jason Liberty, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Executive Vice President:

“It is happening. It’s probably happening to everybody in my opinion. I think we get over a million different attacks a day. Our cyber-security budget used to be probably half a million dollars a year, and it’s probably $75 million to $100 million dollars a year today. Whether it’s our plans for future ships, whether it’s our employee data, our customer data. It’s a relentless attack. And a lot of times you find those attacks are coming from typically three sources. It’s Russia. It’s Eastern Europe. And it’s China. And certainly you read recently some of the things that have come out of the SEC. There are companies being duped on a consistent basis where invoices or routing numbers are being modified and sent and look legitimate and they are being paid to rogue accounts. So if you’re running a business — obviously there’s a personal side of it — I would say be aware and be prepared. It’s happening. It’s getting much more sophisticated.”


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