Suez – Reminder for the Maritime Industry Vulnerabilities

Just one ship blocking one canal and yet global economic disruption is the result. This is why the shipping sector needs to be prepared and take all necessary preemptive actions for what is coming- whether inflicted due to natural causes but even more if caused due to cyber threats not dealt with

The grounding of the Ever Given in the Suez Canal captured the global media interest and shone the spotlight on just how fragile the maritime industry is, and the potential damage such an event can inflict. This event has also emphasized the necessity for maritime companies to adopt all such preemptive solutions to avoid such potential damages. Whilst the actual cause of this grounding is yet to be determined, it is most likely to be a combination of weather, human error, and/or mechanical failure. A single cyberattack could achieve the same result, or worse. It highlights just how delicate our global logistics and supply chains are and how urgent it is for maritime shipping companies to actively adopt solutions to better monitor and protect their fleet on a real-time basis against such risks, including cyber risks.

Any delay, even if it is just one container, has a devastating effect on supply chains. For vessels loaded with raw materials and components for manufacturing and production lines, their supply chains will be broken.

It is a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities facing the maritime industry and the necessity to be fully prepared for cyber storms.

By Tom Bebbington, Country Manager Singapore- Cydome Security


Tom Bebbington

Country Manager Singapore- Cydome Security