Cydome Wins the Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards

10 March 2022, Tel Aviv: Cydome, the independent maritime cybersecurity solution provider, has been recognised as Security Software start-up of the year by the 18th annual Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards, also known as the Globee Awards.

The importance of this win at the Globees for those in the cyber security world cannot be understated. This award event is one of the largest in the security industry calendar and is highly contested by the world’s brightest and best cyber technology providers.

Cydome has won the prestigious silver award for its advanced ship-wide Cyberdefence solution. This recognition is a fantastic addition to Cydome’s status as a multi-award-winning provider of maritime cybersecurity and comes as further endorsement of the company’s success and commitment to the continuous innovation of specialist defence and protection technology for ship owners and operators.

Nir Ayalon, CEO and Co-Founder of Cydome, commented: “This is a very special award because we have been reviewed in competition with hundreds if not thousands of the world’s cybercrime companies and our work has been recognised at the highest level. This is a fantastic achievement for the team, and it also independently authenticates our unique approach to understanding and defending every element and vulnerability of maritime technology and communications.”

This award follows closely on the heels of Cydome’s success at the 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards and can be attributed to Cydome’s cutting-edge maritime defence solution.

As a result of the attack on Ukraine, we are seeing a significant increase cyberattacks on both individual vessels and shore and port-based infrastructure. The highest levels of vigilance and maximum protection are vital: our clients’ assets are being defended, but any fleet is only as strong as its weakest ship where cybersecurity is concerned.

Increasingly, cybercriminals are using a single ship to enter and infect ports and shore-based facilities, thereby opening up entire fleets to an attack. The view of ships as stand-alone, siloed vessels is becoming not only outdated, but dangerous, as it is this operating principle that leaves owners and operators vulnerable to cyberattacks. This is why Cydome has developed its ship-wide, independent solutions that provides ongoing defence to the maritime industry, protecting the entire supply chain.

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