Cydome Security joins “Be Cyber Aware At Sea”

Cydome Security joins the Be Cyber At Sea initiative. The initiative is a global maritime and offshore industry initiative for increasing maritime threat awareness.

Our company is dedicated to the Maritime Cybersecurity – and as such, we also believe that along with the right tools to detect, protect, response and mitigate – the human factor is critical. The Maritime personal should be well trained and understand the threats and how to minimize exposure.


“A global maritime and offshore industry initiative to raise awareness of the increasing maritime cyber threats to international shipping, ports and offshore operations.

More than 90% of world trade including the global transportation of energy is conducted by sea and our reliance on technology continues to increase, we are now very much immersed in the digital era.

Ships and offshore platforms are becoming more sophisticated and in many cases crews are getting smaller. The cyber threat at sea poses significant security, safety and financial risks to shipping and offshore operations. Cyber security should be considered a board level priority issue in order to tackle this emerging threat at sea.”


Maritime organizations are taking appropriate steps to identify, analyze, assess, and communicate maritime cyber security risks. Contact us to learn how Cydome can help you prevent such unknown vulnerabilities with real-time anomaly detection.

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