CyberWeek 2018

Cydome participated at CyberWeek 2018. CyberWeek is a large annual international cybersecurity event, hosted each year at Tel Aviv University in Israel. This conference offers a thought-provoking exchange of knowledge, methods, and ideas. The event offers diversity of panels discussion covering a range of cyber-security issues.There were many conferences suggested at CyberWeek. One of them was “Speed of light” that discussed about the movement of  transportation to cyberspace. This conference included “System of systems” panel.

Nir Ayalon, Founder & CEO of Cydome Security was invited to participated in “Speed of light” panel as a apeaker. The main discussion during the panel was the fact that the age of Smart Mobility brings the world of transportation into cyberspace, disrupting economics, reinventing the technologies, and redefining the infrastructures we’ve utilized for over 100 years. These rapid changes are hurtling humanity forward at an increasingly accelerating rate, into a future where cybersecurity plays a key role in ensuring the reliability, availability and safety of travel. The panel members emphasized the increasingly cyber risks in transportation industry.  A few scenarios for such threats were brought up, for example, cyber-attack on a container ship middle of the ocean, disable car’s brakes, change airplane path, etc..

A major part of the panel was centered about what is the industry awareness to those raising theaters and what should be done. The experts of the panel think that raising the awareness and spreading the message are crucial part of starting the change. The panels members agreed that until a dramatic event will occur manufacturers and operators will continue ignoring the threats as long as possible as they won’t see any financial benefits of addressing them.





Maritime organizations are taking appropriate steps to identify, analyze, assess, and communicate maritime cyber security risks. Contact us to learn how Cydome can help you prevent such unknown vulnerabilities with real-time anomaly detection.

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