Maritime Cyber Baseline Certification

maritime cybersecurity certification
Maritime Cybersecurity certification
The royal institution of naval architects certification

What is Maritime Cyber Baseline?

The IASME Maritime Cyber Baseline scheme, supported by The Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA), was launched to help vessel owners and shipping operators improve their cybersecurity and align with the IMO Maritime Cyber Risk Management guidelines. According to the IMO Resolution MSC.428(98), ship owners and managers are required to assess cyber risk and implement relevant measures across all functions of their safety management system. The IMO directs that cyber risk management should be integrated into existing management systems under the ISM Code and ISPS Code.

Following the process of qualifying for the Maritime Cyber Baseline, shipping companies can then demonstrate compliance through an IASME Maritime Cyber Baseline digital certificate. This certificate can be displayed on board a vessel and in any business communications.

The Maritime Cyber Baseline is available to vessels of all sizes and classifications, including yachts, commercial, passenger ships and merchant vessels. It provides shipping operators and vessel owners with the certification to prove to their clients, partners, and port authorities that a vessel has suitable cybersecurity controls and processes in place.

Cydome’s auditing process to certify Maritime Cyber Baseline

As the first international Certification Body for Maritime Cyber Baseline, Cydome provides shipping companies a full and complete cyber auditing process to certify their fleet compliance with the Maritime Cyber Baseline.

 This auditing process involves a thorough review of a vessel’s systems and processes. Through the Cydome Everlight assessment tool, the entire network and assets onboard the vessel are scanned, mapped, and organized automatically into an embedded cyber risk assessment report as required under the Baseline scheme. Throughout this process, Cydome’s professional cybersecurity auditors are on hand to assist shipping companies with this process, answering questions and simplifying the procedure.

Maritime cyber security barge

Cydome Certifications

Cydome Everlight has been awarded “Best Maritime Cybersecurity” by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2022 and has been certified by the IACS Classification Society RINA for its advanced cybersecurity suite covering IT, OT, communication cybersecurity and networks onboard ships as well as its compliance management tool. Cydome is additionally ISO certified for Cybersecurity, Cloud Security and is a certified Inmarsat Application among others.

Fleet wide Suite

The solution comprises a hardware appliance with software that connects to the vessel’s network. Once installed, the solution maps all of the vessel’s assets — such as its communication system, engine, and generator — seeking out vulnerabilities and patching them. 

 Our protection spectrum


Clear and easy view of OT & IT assets. Full coverage can only be gained by critical IT & OT monitoring

potential cyberattack​

Continuous monitoring and deep analysis of trillions of data points for cyber risk mitigation

Real Time

Built to safeguard your critical assets from maritime cyberpiracy. Real-time detection and alerting from any unauthorized access.

Cyber Security Fleet wide suite

Our compliance wizard

Automated Compliance

Automated mapping and vulnerabilities scanning based on NIST controls- Cost efficient assessment procedure

Ready for inspection

Real time display of cyber security status on board - easy demonstration for inspectors

Reports per regulatory requirement

Enhancing readiness to adhere to maritime cyber regulatory requirements under one platform.

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